3 times on the Top: where success is taught

To succeed you need business acumen, but the study shouldn’t be ignored. In Navarra success is taught in class, IESE has been ranked as 1st in the world for 3 years in a row for its Executive Education Program.


Pons Racing – Spain

The MotoGP world has its own charm, and it’s when they ask you to work with a fantastic Moto2 team that you can only accept. Together with Pons Racing (Spain), we created custom shoes for the entire team of mechanics. An electrifying experience!

Sunglass Hut – Italy

The elegance and simplicity that characterizes Sunglass Hut (Italy) brings with it the high Italian fashion who also won the BYS team. The sneakers designed for them were clean and simple, but incisive and biting as they are. www.sunglasshut.com

N2S – Spain

Wifi cloud services is a topic for N2S (Spain), present in 9 countries, they manage more than 500,000 WiFi connections per day in hotels, catering, shopping centres, transports and industries. Now they have personalized shoes with their logo on it, great footwear for a great company. www.n2s.es

VIP RESPONSE – Netherlands

Affiliate at Congress 2016, Vip Response (Netherlands) dressed its employees with bright black and yellow shoes that have shone at their booth. READ MORE

GLS – Spain

When a company of international importance asks you to create shoes for their staff, you just cannot refuse. READ MORE

ASM – Spain

“Pink fill the lives of our customers” a motto that has overwhelmed us, giving us the inspiration for urban sneakers with a touch of pink. READ MORE


Raw Fitness is a sparkling gym that directly from Bermuda decided to give a more decisive and professional character to their brand. For that reason they asked us to create a sneaker that could leave the scratchy print of their work.


A very interesting collaboration with the Pride Shoes (Spain), an explosive and full of vitality vision that convinced us to create their collection of shoes. Personalized sneakers that aren’t afraid to show off and be proud of how they look. www.prideshoes.net


BYS customized sneakers also conquer Bioderma Spain team; a great collaboration between visionary company in the pharmaceutical industry and our young start-up specialized in customized footwear. www.bioderma.com